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The energy upgrade is carried out by our specialized engineers and energy inspectors and is completed in four phases:

Preliminary design
In the initial phase of the preliminary design, the necessary data is collected, such as architectural and electromechanical plans, electricity, water, gas or LPG, heating oil consumption data, company car fleet and fuel consumption data, etc. Our engineers also carry out on-site inspection at the facilities in order to start the energy surveys.

In this phase, we proceed to analyze the data we have collected and based on this, we proceed to the design of energy upgrading with proposals for optimization in the operation of the E/M systems or their replacement with new technology systems, with structural interventions in the building shell, with proposals for electrification systems and/or replacement of the company car fleet with electric ones, for the installation of Smart Building automation systems (e.g. KNX, BMS) and finally with the proposal of cogeneration systems (RES-net metering), etc.

The design concludes with an estimate of the investment budget (construction project) with the exact timetable, as well as the payback through the expected savings from the reduction of energy consumption.

Also, where appropriate, the possibility of co-financing/financing/subsidy of the energy project from Community funds may be explored in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Based on the assessment, the construction project starts with certified processes and materials to ensure the efficiency of the investment, in terms of Energy Footprint and Operating Costs.

At the same time, the measuring instruments of the energy management software are installed so that we are able to measure the result of the energy upgrade we have achieved and certify the design’s assessment.
Finally, we proceed to the final adjustment of the operation of all the E/M equipment based on the new specifications we have created.

Maintenance of E/M equipment

To ensure that all mechanical equipment is working properly, our engineers create a maintenance plan for your building’s equipment.

With our preventive maintenance services, we not only secure the functionality and safety of the installations, but also contribute to reducing energy consumption and effectively reducing breakdowns.

One of our advantages is our modern and flexible digital platform, which is closely linked to the perfect maintenance of the equipment. The platform allows us to exercise comprehensive control over all the mechanical-electrical parts of the installations and prevent damage and unnecessary costs.

Energy Monitoring

Through our exclusive energy management software (, we continuously measure the energy flows – consumptions with the initial purpose of confirming that our consumptions are now at the level originally determined in the design and with the final purpose of continuously improving the reduction of energy consumption through continuous reports and alarms that are automatically generated by the software.

Finally, through energy monitoring and specialized reports we will be able to prevent failures (predictive maintenance) of the E/M equipment.

Here are some of the key benefits you will get:

  • Reduction of energy consumption costs.
  • Noticeable improvement in working conditions.
  • Increase in the energy value of fixed building equipment.
  • Increase in the commercial value of the property.
  • An environmentally friendly “Smart Building”.

Contact us to undertake the energy upgrade of your building and create together the ideal energy saving program.


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