MORALIUS the digitization
of Facility Management

what is Moralius

Moralius, the ultimate Facility Management tool, manages your company’s FM operations in real time. With Moralius, you can increase the productivity and profitability of your business by managing and controlling your FM services. From project management to real-time asset management, Μoralius reinforces and simplifies your facility’s data for its seamless operation.


Moralius was created for four main reasons:

So that Manifest can digitize its operating procedures in a system that includes all the services it offers.
Upgrade the services provided through the creation of smart quality KPIs (performance indicators), as well as with Internet of Things systems.
Enable the client to control effectively and easily all the services that have been agreed upon, as well as the response time of his requests.
Change entirely the way Facility Management companies operate around the world.


Indicative functions

Energy Monitoring

Βy constantly measuring the energy flows of your building, through Moralius, we are able to monitor and confirm that your consumption is at the levels originally set by the energy upgrade study. Our goal is also to continuously improve these levels, by monitoring the reports automatically produced by the software. We can also prevent failures of the E/M equipment (predictive maintenance).

Asset Management

Controlling your Assets means you control your building. We can list and plan all the required tasks (such as maintenance, cleaning, Pest…) ahead through Moralius, which is proved to be quite beneficial. Every asset will have a unique QR code keeping records for you.

Request automation

We enable our client to register his request easily and quickly, with a voice command, as well as to attach relevant files. The user has a complete picture of the progress of his request in real time, and also has the ability to see the history. For all requests there is a timing system based on the agreed response time.

Project team control

All information (contact details, evaluation, work experience, etc.) for the project team, from the Account Manager to the cleaning staff, is available to our clients and we give them the opportunity to evaluate the project team themselves. Finally, the client is able to see in real time when each person arrived at the facilities for work and when they left.

Quality indicators

Each time the Facility Services Coordinator visits the client’s premises, he fills in an evaluation form on his mobile phone, which the client receives online. The client then can rate the Facility Services Coordinator’s rating. A low client rating automatically opens a corrective action request. Finally, 5 quality indicators occur, with which we are able to continuously upgrade the quality of our services.


The Future of Facility Management

The benefits of the Facility Management digitization are infinite and we offer them generously to our clients with the advanced exclusive platform, moralius.

With moralius we have changed the Facility Management environment and we have introduced it to a new era where the control will be directly in the hands of the client and the management of their facilities will be transformed from complexity to simplicity by just clicking on a screen.

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